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For Those Who Want a Work of Art Home, Office, Bar or Garden

SINCE 1965;

The foundations of QMS were laid by Kenan YENİ in 1965 in the furniture industry.
It was thrown at the beginning. Eskişehir's most successful and creative carpenter
Kenan YENİ, known as one of the masters of wooden furniture and decoration
As a well-known craftsman in his field, he has established himself in the industry in a short time.
has acquired. Production at Baksan Industrial Site, in whose establishment he also took an active part.
Kenan YENİ, who continues his activities, especially chairs and chairs of his own design.
It has become a brand with its table products. Production technology, quality and
It is quite different from equivalent chair products with its reliability.
Our business, which serves under the name YENI FURNITURE in the line
continued its development.

KYS Design

He suffered a great loss with the death of Kenan YENİ in 2001. Our late father Kenan
As a follower of YENİ, we named "Kenan Yeni Chairs" in his memory.
Production and sales as YENI MOBILYA with the brand KYS, which consists of the initials of
Our business, which continues its activities, is the first one put forward by Kenan YENİ.
Quality and reliable products of our own design, adhering to our vision and goals.
It produces products and takes care to protect its line and ideals.

With its deep-rooted history, KYS Design works with its qualified staff to provide the best service to its customers.
continues to work.