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For Those Who Want a Work of Art Home, Office, Bar or Garden
by KYS Design

Bakrac Puff Autumn Natural

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Design: Göksal Günaydın

Bakrac Pouf is a design that everyone loves and appreciates. Bakraç Puf offers you a completely different feeling with its Altrani series. It's brand new in the new year with the Bakraç Puf Altrani series, whose curves are integrated with its soft fabric. How about trying this new feeling together?

For different wood and fabric options, please contact the Whatsapp Line.


Width(W ):43 cm
Length(H):43 cm


The product is made of fabric upholstery material on wood.
At the same time, wooden materials are used extensively in the furniture industry.
It is produced from beech wood.

Usage areas

Living Room Poufs, Balcony Poufs, Terrace Poufs, Office Poufs
Available in many different concepts such as Waiting Area Poufs
It can be used with peace of mind.

Delivery and Shipping

21 working days depending on the number of pieces of your orders
It will be shipped within .


It is covered by a 2-year warranty.


Products should not be exposed to direct sunlight; may cause fading.

Wet and very humid environments will damage the products. Products should be kept away from these environments.

If hot or cold drinks are spilled on the products, they should be cleaned immediately with a dry cotton cloth. In this case, there will be no stains and the product will not be damaged.

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